Tips for Internet Dating

Online dating has grown tremendously over the years. Today there are nearly 40 million single adults using Internet dating in the USA alone. The more online dating becomes mainstream, the more it becomes a destination to meet your match.

Online dating can be tricky waters to maneuver, however. You’ll get the best results by sitting down and putting some time and thought into different aspects of your dating profile. There are winning and losing strategies in even the most minute aspects of online dating, such as what you use for your screen name and which photos you decide to post.

Creating the right screen name can attract or deter someone from taking a second glance at your profile. Your screen name is the very first thing another online dater sees. Is your screen name understandable? Is it creepy? What does it say about you? Studies reveal that lighthearted and flirtatious screen names such as “luv2laugh” score high with both men and women. You’ll want to avoid using numbers in your screen name. It’s far too easy for someone to confuse “Jenny2256” with “Jenny2258.”

There are some specific and different tips for men and women. If you’re a man, you may want to stay more on the lighthearted side of things and be very careful with just how flirtatious you make your screen name. Women are wary of men who lead first with sex or sexual innuendo. Women do, however, respond very well to screen names that are witty and funny. Women should avoid screen names that sound too serious. “Luv2Read” or “CultureNArt” doesn’t make men want to take you dancing.

A good way to come up with a great screen name is to imagine that you could only use one or two words to describe yourself. Take a minute to think hard about this. Say the words out loud. The words that feel right should then be used for your screen name.

Once you’ve determined an attention-getting screen name, you’ll need to think about which photos of yourself to post. Of course, everyone wants to use a flattering picture of themselves for their profile picture. But there are some ways to really make your pictures come alive. For starters, a picture of you engaging in one of your passionate hobbies can make your photo stand out among a slew of others. If you love to fish, use a picture of yourself in the act of fishing or perhaps holding up one of your best catches. Don’t be surprised if you land a great catch from your photo!

Another tip is to post no more than five pictures in your profile. Two pictures should show your face clearly and the other three should show you enjoying different activities. Make sure that the two pictures showing your face are recent and are flattering. You want to look well-groomed. One of these pictures should be your main photo.

So how will you know if your screen name is a good one and if you’ve selected the right photos? You’ll know you have a great profile if you’re getting the results you want. You’ll date great people, have a lot of fun, and eventually narrow the field down to one fantastic match.

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