Does My Hookup Like Me?

Hookups can leave you feeling a little unsure of yourself. After all, it can be hard to read someone’s emotion and feelings when it comes to a physical relationship. Does your hookup actually like you, or do they just see you as a casual fling? Here’s how to figure out what their true intentions are.

Pay attention to how often you two spend time together outside of the bedroom. If your hookup spends several days a week with you, either involving dates or just spending time with you while not necessarily in a romantic context, then odds are they like you. This is especially true if they leave time to spend with you despite having a busy schedule.

Sign to look for is if they talk with you or text frequently. It may be that they are just trying to sustain a physical relationship, but often a close connection is present. So if they message you constantly, that likely means they value your communication. They may even share with you about their family life, work, and other aspects of their life that they care about.

Take a look at how often they initiate physical contact. If your hookup frequently holds your hand, plays with your hair, or gives you hugs, then they might have deeper feelings for you. Physical contact that goes beyond having sex is a very strong sign that they have an emotional connection to you.

By considering all these factors, you should know whether or not your hookup truly likes you. Only you can know if you and your hookup are compatible to try something more serious, but at least now you know the signs to watch out for.

Are You Sure Your Hookup Likes You?

Does My Hookup Like Me?

We’ve all been there. You’ve been seeing someone for a while and you really think they’re into you. But, how do you know for sure if your hookup is bonafide? Here are some signs to look out for!

They Make Plans With You

If your hookup is really into you, they’ll take the initiative to make plans with you. This could be as simple as suggesting to meet up at a certain time and place or even introducing you to their friends. If your hookup is often making future plans with you, then they likely view you as someone they want to spend their time with in the future.

They Tell You They’re Into You

This is pretty straightforward. If someone takes the time to tell you in no uncertain terms that they’re into you, it’s likely that they mean it. If your hookup is into you, they’ll make their intentions clear and will probably tell you so.

Does My Hookup Like Me?

They Give You Compliments

People are often vulnerable when they’re around someone they’re into. If your hookup is always making you feel special and appreciates you for who you are, they likely have strong feelings for you. Compliments are a great way to show someone that you care about them, so keep an eye out for this.

They Pay Attention To You

If someone is paying close attention to every detail about you, that’s a good sign. This type of person will remember the small things about you – even the things that you might think are insignificant. If your hookup is taking the time to do this, it’s clear that they’re interested in being more than just friends.

They Show Support

Does My Hookup Like Me?

Support is an important part of any relationship, and if your hookup is always showing you support, that’s a great sign. Someone who truly cares about you will provide you with emotional support, and will always be there for you in good times and bad. If your hookup is always there for you, they’re likely into you.

They Make You A Priority

If someone values your relationship with them and makes it a priority, it’s likely that they care about you deeply. Perhaps your hookup is always trying to make more time for you, or they surprise you with small gifts or thoughtful gestures. If your hookup is always looking for ways to make your relationship stronger, they likely view it as something valuable.

They Don’t Play Games

If someone is into you, they won’t play games with you. They won’t be purposely elusive or treat you badly; rather, they’ll be honest and straightforward with you. If your hookup is always honest with you about their feelings and doesn’t lead you on, that’s a good sign.

Why Some Hookups Don’t Want To Admit They Like You?

Hookup culture has become increasingly popular in recent years. In this culture, people often form relationships that are strictly about sex, without any romantic feelings or attachments. While many people are happy with this arrangement, some may develop feelings and have difficulty admitting it.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for one person to admit they have feelings for the other, even if the feelings become strong. This can be particularly true if the other person was clear that they did not want anything serious or long-term. It may seem simpler and less awkward not to admit the feelings and continue on with the casual arrangement.

People may also not want to admit their feelings because they are afraid of rejection. This can be especially true if it was the other person’s idea to just keep the relationship casual. In the case where someone has strong feelings, they may feel more comfortable keeping them to themselves, rather than risk the rejection of having those feelings exposed.

It can also be difficult to navigate the situation when one person has strong feelings while the other person wants to remain casual. This can lead to tension, especially if the feelings are not confessed. On the other hand, if the person with feelings speaks up, there is the risk that the other person might not share those same feelings.

Last Thoughts You Need Know

If your hookup exhibits any of these signs, then you can be fairly certain that they’re into you. These signs are all indicators that someone is interested in developing a serious relationship. Ultimately, only your hookup knows their feelings for sure. Communicate openly to find if you’re on the same page.

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